A place for those interested in learning the advantages of a primal lifestyle and to purchase primal food products. We are currently working on our very own clothing range.

I first became fascinated by the primal/paleo diet when my uncle insisted I read a book by the late great, Barry Groves, at first I could not believe what I was reading as it was so against the grain (Literally, avoid grain).

The more I read the more interested I became, stunned by the harsh reality of how chronically sick the modern human is and what we can do to change it. It is a vast contrast to what conventional wisdom tells us.

I was hooked, and obsessed with making my life as primal as possible, from diet, exercise, stress management and much more. I have been delighted with the results. I was feeling much better, this included; sleeping better, feeling more energized, not craving sugar, feeling run down a lot less and increased focus.


Life can just get in the way, there are not enough hours in the day, between work, socialising, going the gym and everything else life throws at us. It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Made much harder by the media misleading us, and a suicidal lack of nutrient dense food on the supermarket shelves.

I hope to be able to bring you products that make meal time that little bit easier and more convenient for you to be as healthy as possible with minimal effort and cost.

One of my biggest concerns is the diet of children from babies to teens, and their huge intake of sugar and processed carbohydrates. Are schools, The NHS, the government, doing enough to insure future generations are eating well enough and not just in a huge line to become another statistic or another financial drain on the ever growing medical costs in this country!

We would all love to have grass fed meat readily available with real organic eggs or fruit, and vegetables that have not travelled thousands of miles coated in pesticides. But unfortunately this is not always realistic, i hope the products on this site go some way in helping those with busy lifestyles but conscious about eating the right way, to buy products that make their lives healthier, and more primal, but in a modernised way.

We only supply products that we can guarantee match our extremely high standards. The bars we stock are gluten and grain free, cold pressed for high quality safe food, with no sugars or syrups, like your average breakfast or cereal bar. The beef in the jerky is only made by manufacturers that guarantee us, that their cattle are grass fed, and of the highest quality. All our food products on our website are made here in the UK and are all 100% natural.

We believe in supporting local companies and farms, and not only does this help the wider community, it also guarantees that the products we sell are of the highest quality, every customer matters, we speak to our manufactures direct and we assure you, by the time your delivery reaches your home it is as fresh as it can be.

Thanks for visiting our site, I hope you enjoy it, along with our products.