Interview with Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer

Interview with Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer

The team at Be Primal asked the fitness explorer, Darryl Edwards 7 questions regarding his lifestyle, exercise, experiences and any tips.
Darryl Edwards AKA The Fitness explorer is founder of primal play, a paleo nutritionist and author of the books paleo from A-Z and Paleo Fitness, which won the Paleo f(x) 2015 Best Fitness Book Award.  As well as being a public speaker and movement coach Darryl has given talks at (UAL) University of the Arts London, Imperial College, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Paleo FX, (AHS) Ancestral Health Symposium (US and NZ), Paleo Convention (Germany), Thr1ve.Me (Australia), PrimalCon (US and Mexico) and hosting Primal Play sessions worldwide.


And if that wasn’t enough Darryl also founded the every growing successful HEALTH UNplugged conferences – HEALTH Unplugged – The UK’s 1st Paleo conference focussing on health, nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.
I have wanted to speak to Darryl for a while, as he has a vast amount of knowledge on not just nutrition but exercise also. Darryl is very big on movement and his outlook is refreshing from the stand and knock out sets attitude lots of people who want to get healthy believe in. While we all like to lift heavy things once in a while and it certainly does have its advantages we often take walking, running, jumping and playing for granted.
If you want to know more about Darryl and his books, talks, blogs and everything else check out his website here –
We understand a lot of people find it difficult to read and listen to studies and talks when they are very indepth or use unfamilar terminology, we wanted to provide some simple questions with short answers from a field specalist to help those just starting out or interested in a more primal lifestyle.
Q1) What influenced you into becoming paleo/primal?

Darryl – Answer:” I had health issues that were lifestyle related – these included hypertension, pre-diabetes and anaemia. These were all reversed in a few months after adopting a Paleo lifestyle.”

Q2) If you could only do one physical exercise for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Darryl – Answer: “I would have to preface my answer by saying that we should be engaged in many forms of physical activity such as ones included in my book Paleo Fitness ( to maximise the health and functional benefits of exercise. But if forced to choose one, walking would be my choice; I can scale it’s difficulty easily, hiking up hill for instance. I can increase the distance and use a brisk pace to ensure a decent cardiovascular workout. I can carry additional load to increase the resistance and make my muscles work harder. It also requires no special equipment, no complicated  techniques, nor does it require a warmup or cool-down. Finally walking is low impact, so less damaging to the joints than say running.”

Q3) What unhealthy food do you find most difficult to avoid?

Darryl – Answer: “We are surrounded by unhealthy foods all day in our modern environment – I have to have strict guidelines without punishing myself to ensure I stay healthy. So it is relatively easy to say no to those foods.”

Q4) You’re a fit and healthy person but whats the biggest improvement you have seen in yourself over the years adapting the lifestyle that you do?

Darryl – Answer “The biggest improvement has been an understanding and awareness of all the paths that lead to better health. I started out thinking it was just food, but now realise that managing stress, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, improving my sleep quality, my relationships with others, getting access to sunshine and nature, reducing exposure to toxins, etc – are equally as important.”

Q5) Whats the biggest change you’ve seen in a client/friend/family that you have helped?
Darryl – Answer: “Reversing conditions such as type 2 diabetes without the use of pharmaceutical medicines but with diet and lifestyle alone.”

Q6) Do you feel you can lose weight with just diet or do you have to exercise also?

Darryl – Answer “You can lose weight just with diet but evidence and personal experience suggests it is easier to maintain and have longer term success possible with a combination of diet and exercise. More lean muscle mass leads to faster metabolism even at rest.”

Q7) You’re a very well established author with some great books (, but which health author do you read/admire the most?

Darryl – Answer “Any health author who talks about all aspects of lifestyle that lead to health – Mark Sisson, discusses food but also exercise, importance of sleep and other factors in The Primal Blueprint.”
We will end this interview with a video of Darryl explaining the power of primal play –