Meet Chris Hill and read about his paleo journey

One thing I love most about doing what I do is seeing amazing transformations in people. Chris had already gone through his transformation before i was introduced to him by Adam Wakefield (A like minded personal trainer whos methods i would advise to anyone trying to improve their health, you can find him on twitter @adamwakefieldPT).

Chris Hill’s story is as enjoyable and self motivating as they come, read how he changed his life with the paleo diet…

Chris Hill on his Paleo diet 

 “I felt tired, sluggish and unmotivated which naturally brings you down”

Chris-Hill-3-110x300My caveman journey back in time began around three years ago when I decided to leave a job I wasn’t happy in, away from home on international business travel a lot, dining out on rich and generally unhealthy food and failing to find time for regular exercise.

It would be untrue to say I was at rock bottom or depressed in the loosest sense of the term, but I was in a bad place. I felt tired, sluggish and unmotivated which naturally brings you down and despite having a wonderful support network around me I knew that if I was to become the man I wanted to be I’d need to make some changes.

It was at this stage that I reached out to my best friend Adam Wakefield, who fortunately for me is a personal trainer and entrepreneur, exceptionally well versed in a variety of training methods and equally knowledgeable in nutritional concepts too.

Adam had known me for a long time and knew I wasn’t the kind of guy who was to starve himself on a fad diet or be entertained by the idea of running everyday to reach my goal but he did know that I was determined and committed to following his advice.

He introduced me to the exercise style now commonly known as crossfit (a combination of endurance, gymnastics and strength training often performed at high intensity) along with the eating model called the Paleo diet.

He proposed this to me as a way to eat good sized portions of natural, quality whole foods free from the additives and bluntly put junk found in many products consumed around the world on a daily basis. Given the fact the diet mainly consists of meat and vegetables I was sorted.

By cutting out bread, pasta, potatoes and sugars and filling up on extra veggies and meat I wasn’t hungry which makes “dieting” much easier. I found myself adapting to a new way of life, trying new foods and developing a taste for things like broccoli which had always been the worst part of a meal. Along with losing a lot of weight I found myself feeling fitter, more energized and highly motivated for the smallest things like preparing a clean meal or doing a workout.

Whilst going through this process I became a little obsessed in the whole thing which to be fair impacted on my relationship as my lovely girlfriend was literally watching me change in front of her eyes, but having come out the side a happier better person it was worth the tough times and sacrifices. The change was drastic as by eating well and training regularly I lost over five stone in six months. I can’t tell you how good that feels despite the need for a new wardrobe and the battling with cravings for a cake or pie! What felt even better was the fact I now have a maintainable healthy life style which isn’t limiting or restrictive but just requires a little more thought. I’ve learned that you can have the occasional cheat day or treat but you need to earn it and also that cravings in time do pass especially if you counter them with home made treats like paleo banana bread or dark chocolate.

It’s now nearly three years since this journey began and instead of eating well to lose weight my driving factor is now to be fueled appropriately for competing in crossfit competitions and being energized for work in my job in elite sport as a buyer for England Rugby.

I am no training or nutritional expert so if you read this and feel inspired I am not the guy to speak to unless you want encouragement or to talk about the emotional part of the process – the guys to speak to are Adam and the team at Be Primal as they have the knowledge and skill to help you as they have me. That said, I am now adjusted to a life style that knows what is good and bad for me, is aware of hidden demons in the foods on supermarket shelves (for example labelled as low fat) and have a disciplined routine which may mean prepping a meal in advance or visiting a farm shop to get better produce but it’s worth it.


You may well question this article as I used to question the before and after shots in fitness magazines, you may well make excuses like it’s too hard to give something up or too expensive (which it’s not of you shop savvy and don’t waste money on branded label junk food) questions are good and a natural part of your change but don’t wait for lent or a New Years resolution! Start the change now because in a few months you could be the person you were born to be!

Thanks and good luck