Professional footballer Danny Holmes on his paleo diet

Danny Holmes has played nearly 150 games as a professional footballer for League Two side Tranmere Rovers. Now aged 26, Danny adopted elements of a primal diet earlier this season and is now feeling fitter and stronger than ever before.

He’s not the only professional footballer who has purchased from our website since we launched and so we got in contact with Danny to find out his thoughts on the primal diet and why it has helped him.

BP: Being a professional footballer do you get a lot of guidance from your club on what you should eat and do you enjoy the foods they suggest?

DH: We do get guidance from the club but you tend to know now what every club is doing and it’s all very similar. I do enjoy all the foods they suggest but obviously some I am now trying to kick out of my diet.

BP: I imagine being a footballer, carbs are high on the menu to provide you with the natural energy you require to play football at a high level?

DH: Yes the stuff on the menu is all high carb. I’m trying to get a balance at the moment because I can’t go completely Paleo, but I’m hoping to do that in the off season.

BP: You have recently tried the paleo diet? How do you find it?

DH: I’m finding the Paleo diet really good and bad at the moment. Loving the way I feel and how my body has toned up but I crave a lot of the stuff I’m trying to get rid of in my diet but your Paleo treats are helping me out a lot

BP: Do you have any plans to go fully primal and do you think you could do this as a footballer?

DH: I have plans to go fully primal in the off season. With there being no games I can then kick all the bad stuff I want to get rid of and go Paleo

BP: Have you felt better since you tried the primal diet?

DH: I have felt much better putting the Primal diet into use. My body has improved a lot with less body fat and my energy levels have risen so I’m looking forward to going fully Paleo

BP: Primal/paleo eating and training are becoming much more popular among athletes, can you see this becoming more popular among footballers?

DH: I can definitely see it becoming popular with athletes. It’s tends to be a lot of the stuff we eat any but obviously we need to cut the bad stuff out. But the Paleo snacks on offer now are really good so I can see a lot of people not only athletes but everybody switching over to the primal diet.