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Welcome to the first of our many blogs we hope to bring you.

I want to start off by talking about the importance of food and why you should take your health into your own hands. To most people food is nothing more than something to stop the hunger. We are all guilty of this (Myself included at times) of picking what is a combination of the easiest and nicest/sweetest thing to eat. Not realising the harsh reality of what the wrong foods can do to our health.

A bad diet is detrimental to your health and can even cost you your life, but there are a lot of other less fatal ailments people are putting up with not realising it can be caused by foods. Illnesses both physical and mental such as; ADHD, Anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, sore throats, dry skin, indigestion, short attention span, sleep deprivation and much much more.

What we hope to do is to make it as easy as possible for you to be healthy. What we have to remember is while food has the power to make us sick it also has the power to heal us.

Lets not fight food with drugs but heal ourselves with nature and real, raw whole foods.

For my first blog i am going to keep it short and (not so) sweet. Take action, embrace food, do your research and through process of elimination, cure what ever YOUR ailments may be with real food.

To finish off my first blog and to inspire you all i urge you to watch this video below and realise the true power of food!!!


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  1. primalcharlie
    22nd May 2016

    It’s not easy avoiding convenient foods, it takes determination and application of willpower to stay on a path of healthy eating . Sites like yours can only be encouraging . To read of others of a like mind can spur you on . Keep it up .

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