There is more to food than the packet

There is more to know about the foods you eat than meets the eye.

Due to my passion in nutrition I often find myself having many conversations with all different kinds of people regarding food. Some will never care about what they eat even if they know all the facts like some people will always smoke. While I struggle to understand how blazé some people are with what they eat it is their own choice. What does upset me is seeing genuine people trying to improve their diet but being mislead by media and packaging.

For example a lot of people follow miss calculated GDA’S (Guideline daily amounts), live on low fat products not realising how much hidden sugar they are consuming or picking a product because it is high in protein and low in sugar but not being aware just how processed it is.

I have a lot of friends who say to me such things as “I had these nuts that had 60grams of protein in is that good?” And while I don’t like to damage anybodies enthusiasm a lot of these commercial nuts are poor quality, heated, processed, stripped of nutrients while some once roasted contain high levels of trans fats!! (Thats bad)

This happens everywhere I look so I am here to give you some quick advice;

When choosing red meat try to choose grass fed, you may think well what does it matter what the cow i am going to eat eats! Well it turns out quite a lot. When a animal that should be eating grass is fed grain and pumped with drugs and hormones it changes the cows molecular structure. According to studies grass fed contains higher levels of omega 3 (Thats good) In the future try buying your meat from farm shops and butchers for the best quality.

Love milk? It is not all it seems unfortunately, milk is often dubbed this super drink that will make your bones strong and body healthy, I wish that was the case, the disappointing and disgusting truth is that the time milk reaches the supermarket it is just dead milky coloured water breadth of any real nutritional value.

Milk is heated at unnatural temperatures, the healthy fats taken out and often full of unwanted hormones from the unhealthy cow, according to expert Dr Loren Cordain “Milk contains an astonishing number (more than 75) hormones, and bioactive peptides of which many likely breech the gut barrier and interact with the immune system and normal physiological function. One of the most problematic is cow insulin, which is involved in increasing the risk for type 1 diabetes in young children.

Also alarming are the estrogens found in cow milk. One of these estrogens, estrone sulfate, has high bioavailability — meaning that it escapes human digestive enzymes and has been shown to readily enter the human bloodstream following milk ingestion. Lifelong elevation of estrogens in women increase the risk for breast and ovarian cancers and in men prostate and testicular cancers.” – SCARY STUFF

There is still a lot to learn about milk, breast milk is of course essential to development and fully advised for infants but as far as drinking another animals milk? Well there is a lot to it we are not told!

My suggestion would be try raw cows milk, banned in supermarkets because of the blame society we live in but it is a lot more beneficial than the supermarket stuff. You can buy it from farms and even online. Because the organisms are still “Live” it has a lot more nutrients and health benefits as well as this you can also make your own cream and butter as the milk gets creamier each day. Give it a try….

I could go on forever but I am sure you have had enough. Remember its quality not quantity find out the background of your food and not just how much of each macro-nutrient is in it as this is very deceiving.

Make sure your cocao is not dutched, pick grass fed meat, raw nuts, seeds and even milk, support local butchers and farms and always be primal when possible!