Why it is dangerous to become a ‘Carbivore’

Hey there, I would like to explain today the dangers of eating too many carbohydrates, especially the processed kind. We are often told contrasting information regarding carbohydrates some swear they are safe and healthy to eat, while others adhere to a low carb lifestyle and I want to quickly note some of the reasons why carbohydrates should be avoided.


After numerous studies it is now believed that short sightedness can be caused or negatively affected by the intake of carbohydrates especially processed ones. Many now suffer from myopia (short sightedness) from a very young age and recent studies show that there is more too this than just too much TV and artificial light (Although these things don’t help) In the U.S and Britain myopia effects more than 25% of people from European descent and up to half or more of Asian descent.

There is also a rapid increase in myopic eyes in indigenous groups of humans who have now converted to more a westernized way of living, this younger generation has much worse eyesight than their parents and grandparents because of the introduction of processed foods into their ancient way of living.

A study by led by Dr F.A. Young in 1954 showed that out of 1,123 eyes of Angmagssalik (native inuits) that were studied in 1954 only 13 individual eyes (1.2%) were myopic.

In 1969 scientists then compared the eyes of the older and younger inuits and found a huge difference between the two. They tested the right eyes of 131 adults over the age of 41 and discovered only 2 myopic eyes. They then tested 284 right eyes of inuits aged 11-40 to which a staggering 149 were myopic (over 50%!) the reason being for this was the introduction of carbohydrates in the forms of sugars/starches/grain etc.
(Information taken from Barry Groves – Trick or treat)


Eating a lot of carbohydrates especially the starchy and sugary kind really makes your stomach an unhappy place and can lead to the following; a toxic bowel, yeast overgrowth and lessens the livers ability to remove toxic materials from the body. This in turn improves the likelihood of you suffering from chronic disease at some stage in your life.


A diet high in carbohydrates during pregnancy is not something you should consider. According to (Godfrey et al. 1996) pregnant women who have increased intake carbohydrates during pregnancy form a smaller placenta. The placenta is in charge of passing the nutrients through to the fetus, this in turn causes implications. Stick to a nutrient dense high fat low carb diet and improve the overall health of you and your growing baby.


A diet high in starchy grains, wheat and legumes will contain large amounts of phytates, this will lead to a reduced absorption of valuable nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc. Also a diet high in grain such as wheat, rye and barely tend to have dangerous levels of gluten in them which can severely effect your overall health and even lead to autoimmune disorders.

SAY “Carbbbbbbbbbbs”

As well as effecting your eyes and gut, carbohydrates especially ones highly processed and starchy severely affect your teeth and the lead to decay. A study done by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden showed a diet high in starchy foods such as; plain potato crisps, sugar free cheese doodles and sweetened crackers increased the acidity in the mouth after 30minutes more than sugar did. This was due to the starch not causing the mouth to provide as much saliva as the sugar and in turn clear the mouth, cooked starches such as crisps cling to the teeth much longer than sugary products do.

Famous explorer Dr Weston Price also noted as well as dental decay, children of parents who ate large amounts of carbohydrates had facial and dental arch deformities such as ; narrow faces, narrow noses with pinched nostrils and crooked, misaligned or overlapping teeth.

The list goes on but that is enough information for one night, Please keep checking my blog on my website, follow us on twitter and like our facebook page for more helpful Primal do’s and don’ts.

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  1. Primal Disciple
    9th May 2016

    Hello all, just touching base. I’m glad to see another forum where we all can chat, swap ideas and generally help each other.
    I’ve got a sweet tooth and struggle everyday not to mindlessly chuck chunks of chocolate etc in my mouth just because I want it even though I know there’s no calorific benefit and poses health risks and diminishes any training I do.
    Everyday is a battle!

    • Ryan Pulford
      16th May 2016

      Well keep up the hard work, its worth it in the end!!

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