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    Hi all,

    People debate how far to ride before considering a real food strategy.

    Last night was the first metric century of the year, and it blew. It wasn’t a lot of elevation to speak of, Strava said it was like 2800 ft. I was faster than the last two metrics I did in Nov/Dec last year even though the elevation was more.

    But….I left the house around 5PM. I ate a small amount of leftovers, snack amount, before leaving. Filled and drank plenty of water along the way.

    At mile 42 I ate some kind of snack bar. All it did was make me feel ill 20 minutes later.

    A metric century isn’t supposed to be easy, especially for someone riding just a year. But…..I think I’ve failed myself on the food/nutrition front.

    I suppose I should have eaten a more substantial amount around 3PM or so and a snack around mile 25 to 30.

    This was also done with only breaks to stand at a stop light to wait to cross or walk over to refill a bottle with water.

    Also you can check this whiteboard animation

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