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    I love the game but I hadn’t played in about a week or so. When I got on last night, I noticed that there was an update. I was 50% through the game when I left off.

    The update message said something about it not being able to save on previous versions of Far Cry Primal. Does that mean that I can’t use my game I was playing before the update? I tried playing it – it worked, but I noticed that it wasn’t as challenging as before (unless I got better) and I had it set on Normal. I also saved the game and it didn’t seem to progress much. Maybe it is just me? Also, the “New” game option in the menu had an exclamation point next to it – when I click on it, it shows me the new playing mode options.

    Does it want me to create a new game? If I create a new game, will it pick up where I left off or will it start over? There is only one save slot, so I don’t want to lose my progress in the game.

    Please help.


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